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NDC Workshops

The two workshops of the NDC, one at the head office and the other at Nattarampotha Project Office have been established mainly to turn out the prototypes. The NDC professionals will develop the design concepts and turn out the sample prototypes. These two workshops mainly perform works relations to development of prototypes that could be introduced to the craftsmen as new designs.

NDC will use Machineries, Instruments, tools and latest state of the art technologies to manufacture best quality prototypes.

The prototypes using, Red Clay, Reed and Rush, Wood, Coir, Bamboo, Cane and textile are made at the workshop located in the NDC Head office. The other prototypes using Brass Sheet and Casting, Lacquer and Leather are made at the Nattarampotha Project Office Workshop in Kandy.

Bamboo & Cane Section
Leather Section Red Clay Section
Coir Section Rush & Reed Section Wood Section
Textile Section Brass Section Lacquer Section

The NDC workshops are now providing the following services to the craftsmen, in addition to the prototypes and sample designs.

  • Providing practical training opportunities to craftsmen on new production technologies using machineries at the work shop in the head office.
  • Providing practical training to craftsmen on newest development methods of preparation of raw materials.
  • The NDC will provide opportunities to use individually unaffordable machineries at concessionary rates for the underprivileged craftsmen .
  • Practical training is provided to the students of Sri Lanka National Design Institute and the students attached to fine Arts section of National universities.
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